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Willow Woodward is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter from Chatham, Massachusetts. She grew

up in a musical family and has been singing and playing instruments since she was young. After

discovering songwriting at just 10-years-old, Willow has worked tirelessly to improve her craft

and grow as both a singer and songwriter. This work culminated in the November 2020 release

of her first album, Hideaway, spanning Willow’s broad range of musical styles and influences,

touching on pop, dance, country and indie ballad.

                                The immediate success of the album impressed industry watchers. The first single, “For the

Love,” reached #122 on the Global Top 200 digital radio chart and was spun in heavy rotation

around the U.S. on iHeart Radio, the country’s largest radio broadcaster. A second single,

“Superman,” was heard by an audience of over 1.4 million on digital radio. Ultimately, the

album became a global juggernaut, heard by millions of listeners via Willow’s distribution

arrangement with leading industry companies MoodMedia, Umix and ClubCom, which spread

her music to play in over 580,000 retail in-store radio locations, including Hilton Hotels,

McDonald’s and Subway, spanning 41 countries on six continents around the globe, reaching

from Norway to Brazil to India, Singapore, Russia and South Africa.

In November 2021, Willow released her highly anticipated follow-up, Daybreak. The six-song

collection of original songs finds Willow in a more contemplative, introspective mood. As she

says: “During lockdown, I think we all went through periods of melancholy, and at these times I

found myself looking more to my guitar rather than piano for creative outlet. I’d been listening

to a lot of great country music, and found the guitar and the storytelling framework of country

songs to be a good match in expressing my musical ideas.”

Following her musical muse in a journey away from pop toward a sound more rooted in

country, Willow’s self-written demos for Daybreak attracted an all-star cast of musicians eager

to flesh out her melodies during a series of Nashville recording sessions. In particular, Smith

Curry, who has played and recorded with Taylor Swift and Jason Aldean, added his signature

aching pedal steel sound. Craig Wilson, also a veteran of Taylor Swift’s orbit, adds evocative,

moody guitar work. Maggie Rogers’ stellar keyboardist, Micah Snow, elevates and complicates

the texture of the music. Last, and certainly not least, the release closes with a stunning remix

of “Fade”, the album’s first song and single, mixed by Kyle Puccia, the genius co-writer and

producer behind Kygo’s #1 hit “Kids in Love.” Willow oversaw production of the album, which

was then mixed and mastered with a GRAMMY Award winning team. That’s heady company

for an 18-year-old artist!

                                    The album opens with the upbeat anthem “Fade,” an ode to the power and impermanence of

summer love, summarized in her opening lyric: “Just like fireworks in the summertime, we were

colorful right until it ended; Like when a sunset touches the horizon, we were beautiful, if only

for a second.” The tracks “Closed Book” and “Hardest on Ourselves” continue the

contemplative vibe, showing Willow’s lyrical growth in the imagery of the lyrics and intricacy of

the arrangements. And just when the album’s mood seems exclusively inward-focused, “Way

We Were” explodes with an Adele-like power and emotional crescendo. The most complex

track on the album, “Daybreak,” ponders in its chorus: “I’m waiting for daybreak, I’m waiting

for some day…I’m waiting for sunrise, I’m waiting for dark skies to go away.” While the

character of the song is enduring that painful process of healing and finding the warmth of the

sun, with the album Daybreak, Willow Woodward has indeed burst into that brightest of lights.

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